September 09-2018


The Cascades Mountain Resort


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WHAT'S ABOUT THIS EVENT / the number one endurance veterinarian conference

A conference for veterinarians and the stakeholders involved in the sport of endurance riding. The topics include presentations by some of the foremost experts in endurance veterinary science, and include genetics, training and clinical science. There are also presentations on horse welfare and latest scientific resarch.


Event Organizer

IVEC Organizing Committee

The IVEC Organizing Comittee was set to be representative of the endurance sport worldwide. It is currently constituted by:

Albert Sole Guitart (ESP/AUS),

Kieran O’Brien (IRE/UK),

Mónica Mira (POR),

Shanti Roos (NDL/UK)

Tom Timmons (USA).

Master Sponsor

This event takes place at the same time as


FEI World Equestrian Games

The FEI World Equestrian Games 2018 will be held in Tryon, North Carolina (USA).

The World Endurance Championship will take place the 12th September and the pre-inspections the day before.
The Pre-Ride Competition will take place the 26th to the 28th April.

Event Sponsors

Haras Albar

Haras Albar was created when Carlos Paes do Amaral, a distinguished Brazilian businessman, fell in love with the endurance sport through his wife Samantha who lived in Dubai and was friends with some of the most renowned riders, including Ali Khalfan Al Jahouri. In 2012 their dream of creating an endurance center became true and soon they started to compete regularly with best bloodline horses purchased in Brasil, France and Portugal. Haras Albar hosted two competitions in 2013 and an international endurance festival in 2014 with several international riders attending the ride, which placed them among the most important events in Brazil. For this newly established endurance stud and training center, longevity is paramount and they are to aiming to go on for another 40 years. Their values are expertise, harmony, competitiveness and, above all, the love for the horse and sport. Quoting Carlito, the nickname by which Carlos Paes do Amaral is known; “Endurance is the main reason for Haras Albar’ existence and we are keen to support events like IVEC, whose aim is the development of the sport while safeguarding the welfare of the most amazing athletes of the equestrian world, the endurance horses”.


Ameira Endurance Stables (co joined partners with Haras Albar)

Ameira Endurance Stables are located next to the beautiful southwest coast beaches of Portugal. Owner, trainer and international rider Pedro Godinho has been the Portuguese National Champion and has been ranked 7th place on the FEI international ranking. Pedro regularly rides in Brazil, Spain and France. His connection with Brazilian endurance teams started with an amicable exchange with Leo Steinbruch, owner of the Haras Endurance. Initially, they competed in each others countries and which progressed the Ameira Endurance Stables to become the headquarters of their endurance training in Europe. Later on he was requested by the owner of Haras Albar, Carlos Paes do Amaral and better known as Carlito,  to train his horses, which he did successfully by classifying one of his horses to represent the Brazilian Team in the World Championships in Tryon. Moreover Pedro Godinho will represent the Portuguese Team by riding one of the french bred Haras Albar horses, currently in training by Jean-Philippe Frances. Quoting Pedro Godinho about the partnership Ameira Endurance Stables-Haras Albar: ” I couldn’t feel more privileged to work at such a high level in endurance with people that fully trust me and with whom I developed an unwavering friendship throughout the years”

Additional Sponsors

Conference / shedule

Sessions Topic Speaker
8.30-8.45 Opening of IVEC II Martha Misheff (USA, UAE)
8.45-9.15 Most relevant scientific publications in endurance 2016-2018 Albert Sole Guitart (ESP-CAT, AUS)
9.15-10.00 New insights into myopathies of the endurance horse Stephanie Valberg (USA)
10.00-10.45 Endurance riding in South Africa: History, trends and treatments Marc Walton (RSA)
10.45-11.15 Coffee Break
11.15-12.00 Is it possible to objectively measure gait in a vetgate? Monica Mira (POR)
12.00-12.45 Field tests available to objectively assess the conditioning of the endurance horse Emmanuele van Erck (BEL)
12.45-14.00 Lunch
14.00-14.45 Specificities of pre-purchase exam of the endurance horse Massimo Pucetti (ITA, UAE)
14.45-15.30 Tips for the training and the shoeing of the endurance horse Robert Diez Noguera (ESP-CAT)
15.30-16.15 Can we check for hyposensitivity of the distal limb with reliability? Study results  Morganne Shambourg (FRA) 
16.15-16.45 Coffee Break
16.45-17.30 Best strategy to manage endurance competitions: what statistics is showing us. David Marlin (UK)
17.30-18.30  Old versus Modern Endurance  Stephane Chazel (FRA)
Flavia Ferraro (URU)
Meg Sleepers (USA)
Peter Toft (AUS)
Pienaar du Plessis (RSA)
Ali Twaissi (UAE)

Event Speakers / meet with greatest

Robert Diez Noguera

Dr. Monica Mira

Dr. Tessa Wilkin

Dr. David Marlin

Dr. Emmanuelle van Erck

Dr. Marc Walton

Dr. Stephanie Valberg

Dr. Albert Sole Guitart

Dr. Morganne Schambourg

Dr. Massimo Pucetti

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Event Location

The Cascades Mountain Resort

201 Sugarloaf Rd
Hendersonville, NC 28792

Reservations: 828-595-8155
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